With all the negative publicity Facebook is getting lately, we've started to worry more and more about all the personal information that we're deliberately sharing with the world. And all the information that social media are sharing with third parties without us even knowing.

Facebook isn't the only network storing and harvesting personal data of millions of users across the world. Most of us are using more than one social network, thus exposing ourselves to privacy breaches even more.

So, if you need a break from Instagram or if you want nothing to do with social media ever again, we completely understand. That's why we've created this article telling you exactly how to delete your Instagram account and protect your privacy.

Just A Break Or Goodbye Forever?

First of all, you need to know that there are two variants of deleting your Instagram account – temporary and permanent.

Many celebrities who are wildly popular on Instagram and have millions of followers have been known to disappear from Instagram for a while or for good, leaving their fans wondering if they're ever coming back.

Instagram is one of the platforms where people are pressured to preserve the perfect image, which makes it even worse on the celebrities who are caving under the pressure and need to take a break from looking perfect to their fans.

For us mere mortals the situation is similar. Although we also have to deal with the uncomfortable pressure of this popular social network, our other concern is privacy.

So, here's how to delete Instagram temporarily and permanently.

Deleting Your Instagram Account

First of all, you will need to go to in your browser because you won't be able to delete your account from the app.

Once you're on the website, log in and click the profile button in the top right corner. On your profile, you will see the option "Edit Profile" right next to your user name. Click on the option.

Now, all you need to do is scroll down and you will see the option that says "Temporarily disable my account." You will be asked about the reason why you're deleting your account and you will need to re-enter your password to confirm the action.

Once you click the option, your account will be hidden to the world but if you decide to come back, you will only need to log back in to make your profile visible again with all your existing followers and photos intact.

If you've decided to delete your Instagram account for good, first you need to be aware that your account will disappear completely with all your followers and photos that you've posted. Even if you decide to come back one day, you will have to create a profile from scratch.

To permanently delete your account, you will need to visit Instagram's page for deleting accounts. If you're not logged in, you will need to do that on the spot.

Then, just select the reason why you're deleting the account, re-enter your password and confirm your decision by clicking the button that says "Permanently delete my account." And just like that, you've deleted your Instagram profile.

Always Protect Your Privacy

Once we decide to create an account on any of the social networks, we are already giving up a big chunk of our privacy. We're not only giving away our personal information but also posting our thoughts, our photos, the locations we visit and much more, making ourselves extremely vulnerable without even realizing it.

But that's just what comes with the territory of using social media.

However, you don't have to give up social networks completely to stay safe and keep your privacy protected. There are several ways you can protect yourself.

You just need to be careful about what you post and what information you're giving up. You should also make your passwords strong and change them often. And, of course, always make sure to use a reliable VPN service that keeps your privacy locked from snoops and hackers.