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The Future of Sports Entertainment is Online

In the United States, football season begins tomorrow.

American football is the most popular sport in its home country. Millions of fans tune in every weekend to watch their favorite teams compete for the ultimate prize at the end of the season - the Super Bowl.

The entire fall season in the US is swept away in football fever. National Football League fans discuss the latest happenings in the game including their fantasy football teams, which has become a big business in the US on top of the already popular act of just watching the games with friends and family.

For those in the US and around the world it's a wonderful time of year.

But the traditional ways of enjoying the NFL are changing.

The New NFL Experience

For the last 50 years fans of the NFL have enjoyed games every Sunday on their televisions at home. Even as the popularity of the TV has grown the demand for being at the game has remained the same. People have loved going to the game for years, but things appear to be quickly changing.

The new NFL experience appears to be heading online. The NFL already has a great website full of extra content including every highlight from the games each week. This website along with countless other associated and non-associated websites about American football highlight the need for online NFL entertainment.

Fans are demanding an online experience for their favorite sport. Fans currently get up to the minute information about their teams via Twitter and news websites that follow every move of every NFL player, coach and executive. The fans are crazy about being in the know when it comes to their favorite team.

But there is one piece of the online experience still missing.

Live NFL games are not broadcast on TV.

There appears to be a golden opportunity for the NFL to create a successful business model with the demand for live games on its website. They already offer the service for the preseason games. Yet when it comes to the regular season and the playoffs the NFL is strapped to its contracts with the large entertainment networks.

Another reason fans are putting the heat on the league for more online access to live material is the ever increasing prices of attending the live games. For one ticket and one beverage at an NFL game it can cost a person over $100USD. That amount can get most people nearly two tanks of fuel for their cars so they can commute to work and back.

When the NFL will transition to an online model is unknown. What is known is that people are demanding live online games. Even the NFL's biggest star, arguably, is demanding live games online. Tom Brady was quoted as watching a live online feed of the Super Bowl a few years ago.

Tom Brady can get away with watching the NFL online because he's the biggest star in the sport. But for regular NFL fans it's a challenge. That's where VPN can come in and provide a service.

As a VPN user you can access websites from a different server location.

In the not-so-distant future it appears like all sports will be broadcast online. We already see it with the Olympics a little bit. The NFL may be next. Until that time VPN is an option. If you prefer watching your sports without the regular programming restraints consider a VPN service an option.

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