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Olympics Showcase Another Need for VPN Services

For people all over the world it has been a frustrating few weeks.

The Olympics have been taking place in London for the past few weeks and millions of people around the world are anxious to see live action from the Olympic center. The issue for viewers, an issue that occurs every two years at both the winter and summer games, is the time difference across the world and how television networks are handling the broadcasts.

For customers in the United States the games have been televised in the morning hours, but the more popular events have been tape-delayed and broadcast in the primetime in the US, which has often occurred many hours after the live event actually took place in London.

In a connected world this has been frustrating for viewers. It’s 2012 and people across the world are used to knowing what is happening right now. It’s impossible to avoid spoilers of events with access to applications like Twitter, Facebook and general news websites.

Another point of frustration for fans has been the access to online video. Today people watch video and live video from multiple devices including their desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. The issue has been for users in the US that the broadcast channel requires a cable subscription in order to view the live events at the games.

This is where VPN service comes in.

Now more than every people are using VPN services to watch the Olympic games from broadcast channels online around the world. Users are accessing various channel websites to watch the live Olympic events.

While many of these broadcast giants use geo-specific restrictions there is a workaround for those using the VPN service. The nature of a VPN is that it masks where your personal computer or device is located in the world.

As an Olympic fan you can sit in your home in the United States, but view the live feed of the 200-meter on the BBC channel as if you were in the United Kingdom. No longer will you have to worry about checking Twitter and realizing who won the event before you can actually watch it.

The Olympics are bringing to light an important issue with today’s Internet browsing reality. Private companies are restricting access to certain content. For a generation that has grown up with the understanding that it should be possible to access any and all information on the Web it is difficult to see the point of view of these corporations that are limiting access.

The issue goes beyond private parties. Governments have been more aggressive in recent years with blocking access to certain online material. Even sites like Facebook, YouTube and Hulu have been blocked for users in certain countries.

For users that believe in free access for all a VPN service is essential.

It’s not even an issue of free for most users. People are more than happy to pay for certain video broadcasts if that’s requirement. The business model for broadcasters has been changing in recent years. Companies are experimenting with advertising and pay-for-view models and nothing has seemed to be determined as the best way quite yet.

The big issue for people is having access blocked especially if live action is blocked such as is being done with the Olympics.

As these and other issues arise in the online world it seems VPN services will have a larger role in solving the problems users around the world are having accessing their favorite content online.

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