An Open Apology & Very Good News

an open apology

An Open Apology & Very Good News


An open apology to you, our customer. Because we are truly sorry for the issues you experienced this year with our billing system. We know very well it has been a very frustrating time for you and this is why we want to take some time to explain the situation and assure you that our engineers are working hard to straighten things out.


What happened?

So here’s the inside scoop on what happened.

We started getting complaints from you that you were unable to disable the auto renewal for your VPN subscription in our customer portal. Moreover, our portal generated automatically renewal invoices when the subscription was near its expiration date, causing your credit card to be charged for a new subscription.

The worst part of it is that our system failed to detect these unwanted renewal payments for cancelled accounts. This resulted in you contacting us as the only way we’d become aware that you in fact did not want a renewal and that your card was charged anyway.

Evidently, our customer portal was flawed and we can very well understand how frustrating this situation was. Even more, when this happened, the number of customer complaints went through the roof and we were in over our heads with responding and fixing each issue individually.

We cannot state enough that this issue was unintentional and quite overwhelming for us. We always try so hard to ensure that you get a secure and reliable VPN network. Also, we do our best to your requests and try to improve monthly our services by adding servers wherever you need one or introducing other suggested features. This is why disappointing some of you through a faulty billing system was a hard pill to swallow.


Where are we now

The good news is that our engineers have almost completed the development of a new customer portal which will fix this issue. It is currently getting its final touches and will be launched in a few days.

The new customer portal allows you to manually turn on and off the auto renewal for your subscription. This way, your credit card will be charged only if you wish to renew your subscription. Here’s a sneak peak…



Even more, our new customer portal features a more simplified and easy to use dashboard. We’ve been working to make this happen so be on the lookout for its launch. We’ve also prepared a blog post, explaining all the new features you’ll get.


Tell us what you want

Aside from the billing issues, we really want to hear your sincere feedback regarding our VPN service. We would really appreciate it if you’d take less than 5 minutes to complete our customer survey.

The survey will give us an idea about what you like and dislike about our VPN connection. We are open to suggestions for improving our services or adding features that you might need. We’re serious about the survey’s results and we’ve put together a team to make sure that your wants and needs will be catered shortly.

Again, please accept this open apology for all the frustration this issue caused you. We’ve learned a lot in this process and we’re determined to make sure issues like this won’t come up again.