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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Using A VPN For Gaming

If you're a dedicated gamer, you know the importance of the right gaming equipment. Everything from a carefully assembled PC to a pair of quality headphones and even your chair needs to be high tech for you to enjoy every gaming session without any setbacks.

But, did you know that a VPN could improve your gaming experience even more?

From lowering your latency and ping times, to giving you access to the newest releases and even protecting your anonymity, a VPN has become a must in the gaming world.

A VPN has multiple advantages for your daily life but here's how it will help you take your gaming to the next level.

1. Play It First

Certain games are released on different dates in different parts of the world. This means that you'll have to wait several days or even weeks to play something knowing full well that people on the other side of the planet are already having a blast with the game you're dying to try.

Everyone who's ever been in this situation knows that these few days can feel like forever. And it's not fair that you should wait just because of your location.

A VPN masks your IP address and lets you connect to a different server. Most leading VPN services have a wide choice of servers located around the world so you can avoid all sorts of geo-blocking and get your hands on a new release as soon as it comes out. Just connect to a VPN, choose a server that's located where the game was released and be among the first ones to play.

2. Play On Any Device

It doesn't matter if you're playing on your desktop PC, laptop, gaming console or a mobile phone. A top-notch VPN will allow you to connect regardless of the device and the operating system you're using.

Now, when it comes to using a VPN on your PC and mobile phone, setting up is pretty straightforward. You just need to register for a VPN service, install it on your device, turn it on and you're ready to go. But it goes a little differently for gaming consoles.

The best way to do this is by getting a good VPN router that has a built-in VPN access. But even if you don't have one, you can still set up VPN with your gaming console. Setting up is simple and it will allow you to enjoy playing on any device you already use.

3. Play On The Go

Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you should lose connection with your regular gaming server. But that's the reality you will face somewhere far from home if you're not using a VPN.

A VPN lets you connect to a server close to your home so you can still access the game servers you usually use.

4. Reduce Latency And Lagging

When it comes to the speed of your connection, we're talking about more than just download and upload speed. There is a third variable which is called ping.

Ping is the reaction time, or the time necessary for your computer to send and receive information. Basically, a high ping time will cause your game to lag which, as you know, is the gamers' worst nightmare.

A powerful VPN connected to a nearby server will give you a fast connection that reduces your ping time and eliminates the possibility of your game lagging at the crucial moments.

5. Avoid DDoS Attacks

DDoS or Direct Denial of Service attacks are a common way for somebody to eliminate you from the game without your knowledge or a way to protect yourself. DDoS are attacks from other users in the game overwhelming your connection with traffic from different sources, which eventually stops data from reaching your computer and kicks you out of the game.

You don't need to be an extremely tech-savvy hacker to achieve this, which is why any resentful kid you beat in a game can hit you with a DDoS attack as an act of revenge.

Even though your ISP has some basic protection methods for these cases, they are often not enough. A VPN immediately recognizes the attack and prevents it from happening so you don't have to worry about vengeful players ever again.

6. Bypass Restrictions

While for some releases you'll have to wait for a few days or weeks, other games will never be available to you, all due to your location. Game developers often impose various restrictions, releasing their games and expansion packs only for a certain part of their audience.

These restrictions are usually purely location-based, meaning you won't be able to access these games if you live in certain areas. You may feel left out seeing all those cool exclusive releases for PlayStation and Xbox Live that you can't play where you live.

With a VPN, you get to solve this problem as well. A reliable VPN provider will let you choose the server you'll be connected to, so you can choose one where your favorite exclusive games are available.

7. Avoid ISP Throttling

Your Internet Service Provider may advertise unlimited bandwidth to lure you in, but they rarely deliver on that promise. To regulate the bandwidth spent, your ISP does something called bandwidth throttling which is basically slowing your connection down once they notice you're spending too much data.

Unfortunately, that often happens during downloading, streaming and gaming, which then leads to lags.

A VPN hides your online activity from the world, including your ISP. That way, they won't be able to see that you're playing a game, let alone how much data you're spending, which means you can enjoy your game without worrying about throttling.

8. Protect Your Data

Aside from revamping your gaming experience, a VPN will also protect your online safety and privacy.

While you're gaming, you're not even aware how vulnerable you are to online attacks. Sometimes it's just your competition targeting you for a DDoS attack to eliminate you from the game, but sometimes it can be much worse.

Hackers could break into your account and steal your game inventory, or you could be a target of many other dangerous cybersecurity threats, like somebody breaking into your system and stealing your passwords or other sensitive information while you're playing and not suspecting anything.

A VPN encrypts your connection and keeps all hackers at bay so you can focus on the game.
Person holding PS3 game controller and playing Grand Theft Auto on television under bunk bed
Adding a strong trustworthy VPN service like SwitchVPN to your gaming assets will pay off in many ways.

You will be able to access any game you want regardless of your location and be the first one to play new releases. You'll leave lagging in the past and completely avoid ISP throttling. And to top it all off, you'll be able to enjoy your game while knowing you're completely safe from malicious hackers.

Ready to take your gaming to the next level? Start your SwitchVPN free trial now!

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