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Use VPN for Your iPad, iPhone and Other Mobile Devices

Mobile Web browsing is on the rise.

Nearly 7% of all global browsing is done on a mobile device.

While those numbers aren't large compared to all Web browsing the trend is pointing to more mobile browsing in the future. The growth in mobile is in part because of the increase in usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Some don't consider tablets to be a true mobile device, but for this post we'll consider them mobile or semi-mobile.

Another reason mobile browsing is on the rise is because more people have local access to the Internet. Local businesses like coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, hotels, airports and other locations offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. This access is almost reaching expected status around the world.

Access to the Internet for people on the move is great, but there are two big concerns people have.

The first is secure browsing while using local Wi-Fi. We covered this recently with VPN Protects Public Wi-Fi Connection. Check out that post for more information on how you can stay protected when using public Wi-Fi.

The second issue is finding out a way to securely browse the Internet on various mobile devices. Since this is an important topic for those around the world we'll go into more detail about VPN and mobile devices.

VPN Allows Internet Access on Mobile Devices

Are you one of the millions around the world using an iPhone?

If you are and you're looking for a secure way to brose the Internet then VPN is the perfect solution.

A VPN subscription allows you to access the Web from your iPhone and other mobile devices including the iPad and Android devices. As more people get on the move and access the Web the expectation is to have secure browsing no matter where the Internet is accessed from.

For those that need security and privacy when browsing VPN makes perfect sense. When you access the Internet from your wireless device at a public location you can login to your VPN service. Instantly the browsing activity you perform will be encrypted. You'll actually appear that you're browsing from a different location, which is another benefit for mobile device users.

In some locations around the world certain website access is restricted. Governments put restrictions on certain websites. People can get around this obvious frustration by using VPN services. Some websites themselves also put geo-restrictions on their sites. This situation is common among live TV and other TV programming. We recently saw it happen with the Olympics.

As video watching becomes more common with mobile devices the need for secure viewing will likely increase. VPN is a good solution for those that need access to video all around the world and would like the security and privacy of an encrypted connection.

People are on the move today. We are more mobile that before. Local Internet connections and mobile devices allow us to move around and watch video and listen to streaming audio from nearly anywhere. But there are still issues with security, privacy and restrictions.

If you're looking for a solution for watching video on your mobile device you'll be happy to know that VPN is available nearly all mobile devices.

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