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VPN Keeps You Secure in Public Hotspots

For people that travel the issue of security while using public Wi-Fi is a real concern.

Even for folks that don't travel all the time yet still use public Wi-Fi there is a security concern.

More businesses are providing free Internet access. It's a great service and something people are even learning to expect from restaurants, hotels and other locations where you can sit and spend time reading the news, browsing websites and even doing some online shopping.

But that is where the issue is most concerning.

Public Wi-Fi locations or hotspots have been notorious for their poor security. Hackers and people with malicious intent thrive on those using public Internet access. People are entering in usernames and passwords and even putting in credit card information and other personal information. Whenever you're at a public location and online there is a chance that someone else is monitoring your activity. Any time you're entering form information or payment information there is a chance that someone is running a script to gain access.

If you access the Internet on public Wi-Fi then it's important to understand how to protect your information.

VPN Protects Users While on Public Wi-Fi

VPN or Virtual Private Network allows secure access to the Internet by encrypting your information and making you invisible to hackers. This is perfect for folks that frequently use public Wi-Fi. Instead of accessing websites and putting in personal information from the connection of the location you can instead access everything via your VPN provider.

The way VPN works is that you connect to the Internet and then to the VPN server. The VPN provider will provide you with a new IP address controlled by them and not by the ISP or Internet Service Provider. This VPN server will protect your information with encryption. You can also access information that is geographically protected. There are some websites that restrict access depending on your location. With VPN access you can access these protected websites from a server in the country where access is allowed.

Local Internet Becoming More Common

A big trend in the online world today is local Internet access. It's not so much that people have smartphones and iPads, but that businesses are allowing access to the Internet even when people are away from home or the office.

As local Internet becomes more commonplace the hackers will continue to be more of a problem. It will be important for people to protect their personal information from these hackers that are looking for payment information and passwords. These folks are looking to hack your identity to use your information for financial gain.

VPN is a solution you can use today when you access the Internet from public or even private locations. The encryption service offered by VPN providers is something important in today's world of hackers and personal identify theft. In order to protect yourself you'll need added security. This is the current reality when accessing the Internet from your desktop or mobile device.

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Be protected when you access information from public locations.

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