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VPN Demand for Torrenting on the Rise

Peer-to-peer file sharing accounts for a massive amount of internet use today, occupying more than 50 percent of traffic in many countries. BitTorrent is by far the most popular P2P sharing system.

There is positive news that BitTorrent is thinking of new, innovative ways to compensate copyright holders for shared files. BitTorrent recently collaborated with the popular electronic musician DJ Shadow to add promotional material to his torrent downloads, helping to increase his earnings as an artist. Unfortunately, torrent sites still have a bad rap in the entertainment industry, and are their users are closely monitored for copyright infringement.

Torrenters closely monitored
A recent study at Birmingham University showed that the majority of users who access the BitTorrent sharing sites are monitored by a third party.

In most cases, torrenters are tracked by IP address, and monitored for downloading material that violates copyright laws. Most torrenters are not even aware that their activity is logged within just a few hours of accessing the torrent sites.

With recent crackdowns on internet file sharing, it is more important now than ever to keep torrenting activity private. Anti-piracy groups are having trouble catching up with the internet era, and everyday media consumers are paying the price in the interim.

The most popular torrent sites do not offer enough protection from online monitors, and solutions like PeerBlock and encryption are not enough to keep downloads private. The shutdown of torrent tracker Demonoid last month shook torrenters' confidence in the supposed security of the site. These services and their users are increasingly targeted for legal action, as we also learned from the copyright infringment against Megaupload earlier this year.

As a solution, Business Insider recently advised that VPN is an effective way to download files anonymously, maintain privacy, and stay out of legal trouble. Using a service like SwitchVPN can ensure that extra level of security that other options cannot. It can change IP and Server information periodically for increased anonymity, as well as creating a virtual tunnel to access torrent sites and downloads.

Know your VPN provider
BitTorrenters are a new and growing demographic of VPN users. However, some VPN services are not as private as they seem, and will share your information readily when asked. SwitchVPN is dedicated to privacy and will keep your internet activity confidential. User logs are deleted permanently within 30 days, and only released to a third party in cases of major offences that can cause harm to others. This helps keep users safe from online harassment while maintaining their privacy.

Improving the torrenting experience
As more torrent sites are blocked by internet providers, VPN can also help torrenters access those sites securely. Piratebay, for example, has been blocked by many servers worldwide - most recently in the United Kingdom by Virgin Media. Using a VPN helps users bypass server blocks and access popular sites like Piratebay.

Torrent download speed can also be improved. SwitchVPN allows for unlimited bandwidth, which is an important feature to any torrenter. At the same time, by redirecting computer signals to specific network paths, SwitchVPN supports port forwarding for P2P and Bittorrent. This means faster downloads and improved performance of streaming media.

There is a massive amount of media available in the torrent P2P system. VPN adds an extra level of anonymity when using torrent sites, while maximizing torrent download speed and consistency.

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