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Are you ready to finally enjoy unrestricted and uninhibited web browsing with complete anonymity? You can begin today with the best VPN service available in the market.


Unlimited Bandwidth

SwitchVPN specializes in delivering a reliable, fast and secure internet experience, beholden only unto your own rules. With 1GB port speed servers, you can now enjoy unlimited bandwidth and lightning fast speed across multiple Internet browsers, operating systems and platforms. Let Switch VPN show you the internet as it was meant to be explored.

The US VPN servers have been specifically optimized for usage in the United States, Canada, Middle East and Asia. These cutting-edge servers use Datacenters, which offers the highest standard bandwidth available in the industry. This allows for unlimited downloads and web browsing at lightning fast speed. You can also switch between different VPN connections as many times as you like. This gives you the flexibility to access the US VPN servers as and when you want. Only Switch VPN offers the fastest, most reliable and secured VPN service anywhere in the world.

Secure USA VPN Connections

We deliver the most secured network connection, protecting your computer from hacking and spyware. Our 1024-2048 bit encryption system protects the network from unwanted spies, virus and hackers, while securing the smartphones and computer devices from monitoring. Our cutting-edge USA VPN protocol includes L2TP, Open VPN, and Point to Point Tunneling Protocol or PPTP.

SwitchVPN’s servers ensure that you maintain complete anonymity while surfing the Internet from your personal VPN, finally giving you the opportunity to enjoy the internet the way you want. With our servers, it becomes impossible for your Internet service providers to track and monitor your browsing history, and this way you can keep it absolutely confidential as to what you are doing online. It also ensures a completely secured network connection at public places, offering you peace of mind that can’t be found elsewhere.

Unrestricted Access to American Websites and Programs

Are you away for business or visiting a foreign country? No matter where you are located, you can now watch your favorite American television show or access any website with our specialized USA VPN servers. The advance technology system offers multiple state-of-the-art features that can easily unlock website restrictions and geographical limitations. If you are residing at a place where you have only censored Internet services, then USA VPN service is a must for you to ensure unrestricted web browsing.

No Set up Fees

SwitchVPN ensures simple account set up procedure and quick installation, without any specialized skills or knowledge required. No other VPN service can offer the speed and efficiency that we have made our company standard. Best of all, you won’t incur a single startup fee.

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