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What To Do When You Get A Netflix Proxy Error


Here's a problem that happens often to Netflix fans. You've tried to access the American version of Netflix outside the US, but then you got a disappointing message from Netflix that said "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy."

Now you may be confused because you're using a VPN, and VPNs are supposed to help you circumvent regional restrictions and access practically any website you want.

Well, in theory, yes.

But the truth is that not every VPN will allow you to access American Netflix or some other websites and streaming services you were planning to use.

When this happens, there's no need to panic. This just means that Netflix has blocked your chosen VPN. Some VPN providers don't have strong enough methods to bypass all geo-censorship and are detected by the apps like Netflix.

The first solution to this problem is turning off your VPN app and settling for your local Netflix.

But there is another solution that you will love more – getting a VPN that allows you to watch the US Netflix without any trouble no matter where you are.

Why The Problem Happens

Netflix proxy error happens for a simple reason. American Netflix developers know very well that people around the world are trying to connect from different locations and they want to prevent what they believe is misuse and thus they impose geo-restrictions. That's why they have blacklisted some servers belonging to certain VPN providers.

When you connect to a blacklisted server, Netflix will recognize this server and block your access even though you are using a VPN.

Luckily, not all VPNs are blacklisted on Netflix. You can still find those that will let you successfully access the American version of the popular streaming service and watch all your favorite shows, movies, documentaries and other TV programs.

How To Fix Netflix Proxy Error

Fixing this issue is simple. All you need to do is get another VPN that isn't blocked by Netflix and you'll be able to access the platform.

Although this is a foolproof way to fix your problem, the bad news is that you've invested in a bad VPN service and you'll need to invest in another one. That's why we recommend doing a bit of research before getting a VPN and definitely taking advantage of free trials and money-back guarantees to test if your chosen VPN checks all the boxes and gives you everything you need online.

Almost all VPN services advertise the ability to bypass geo-restrictions since this is one of the main reasons people decide to get a VPN, along with enjoying online privacy and security.

However, you need to take these promises with a grain of salt. Even though these VPNs promise Internet freedom, that often means you'll still have to miss out on some of your favorite online platforms, such as Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has one of the best VPN detection systems to protect their content and ensure no foul play is happening among their subscribers.

SwitchVPN To The Rescue

Few VPN providers will give you a fast, seamless access to Netflix while protecting your online security and giving you complete anonymity so you can enjoy the Internet freely. Actually, there are not many that will give you a complete service and protection.

One of the best solutions if you're looking to solve Netflix proxy error and enjoy everything that Internet has to offer without compromising your safety is SwitchVPN.

At SwitchVPN we believe that everyone should have the right to Internet freedom. And that includes experiencing the web without any restrictions, no matter where you are on the planet and whether it's Netflix, YouTube or Instagram.

But, don't take our word for it. Try it for free and see for yourself how SwitchVPN leaves Internet restrictions in the past.

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