How to unblock Youtube

YouTube is a website that needs no introduction.

It's one of the most versatile online video platforms with over a billion users.

However, YouTube is also one of the most censored websites on the worldwide web for various reasons.

Now, there's nothing more annoying than clicking on a Youtube video you want to watch only to get a message that the video is blocked in your country or unavailable due to other circumstances.

The entire website may also, for example, be blocked by your employer to improve productivity at work.

Luckily, there exist quick and safe processes for unblocking YouTube in any part of the world.

Why Are Youtube Videos Blocked?

As we’ve mentioned before, there are numerous reasons YouTube may be blocked at your location.

Sometimes it's certain videos, and sometimes it's the entire website.

Here are the main types of YouTube restrictions:

  • Geo-censorship

When you receive the boring message, "This video is not available in your country," you're witnessing geo-censorship.

This means that the video owner limited the use of the video to a certain location(s), cutting off some parts of the world.

  • Copyright restrictions

You've probably tried to watch a video but couldn't because it violated copyright laws.

However, sometimes these videos are only unavailable on certain devices like mobile phones, which means that there are other ways to watch them.

  • Restrictions at work or school

The most common restrictions you may face are those created by schools and companies.

Schools block access to YouTube to prevent their students from being distracted in class, while employers want to make sure their employees are productive and focused on work instead of "wasting their time" on YouTube.

  • Other kinds of censorship

Some Youtube videos are deemed offensive or illegal in certain countries, which automatically means they will be blocked in that country.

While countries like China and Iran completely blocked Youtube and other popular social media and video platforms, Germany has a vague law that forces YouTube to remove some videos that they consider offensive, which often leads to overboard censorship.

How To Unblock YouTube At Home, Work, School, Or Abroad

1. Use a VPN

Regardless of the reason why you're facing Youtube restrictions, you can remove them by using a VPN.

A VPN works really simply: it changes your IP address by connecting you to a server different than that of your Internet Service Provider, thus making it appear like you're accessing YouTube from another location (you can choose any country your VPN provider has access to).

Aside from that, a virtual private network encrypts your whole connection, which means that your online activity is invisible to the government or anyone else trying to spy on you – whether you're watching videos on YouTube, browsing, chatting to a friend, or playing an online game.

And yes, that also means you'll be safe from the prying eyes of your boss or school network administrators.

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2. Use Tor

Another way to unblock Youtube is the Tor browser.

The way Tor works is that it hides your real IP address by routing your Internet traffic through a number of random Tor servers, also called relays or nodes.

So what the Youtube server sees is the IP of the last node but not your real IP, and if the last node’s country isn’t blocked by Youtube, you’ll be able to access the platform with no issues.

However, unlike a VPN, Tor has some significant downsides when it comes to watching Youtube.

As we've already said, it routes your traffic through a number of completely random servers, so if the exit server is located in a censored country, you won’t be able to unblock Youtube.

Also, Tor servers are quite slow, so using Tor to watch even low res videos isn’t a pleasant experience, let alone higher resolutions.

3. Use a proxy

A proxy server can also hide your IP and, as a result, give you the ability to unblock Youtube.

But, if you’re more of a security-oriented person, this option might not be suitable for you since proxies do not encrypt your Internet traffic and, for example, transparent proxies don’t even hide your digital identity.

4. Download Youtube Videos

One more thing you can do to watch restricted Youtube videos is to use specific websites or browser extensions to download those videos directly to your device.

Once they are downloaded, you can easily watch them offline.

Wrapping Things Up

While there are plenty of ways to bypass Youtube censorship, the most secure and reliable way to unblock Youtube is by using a VPN.

With a VPN, you can enjoy your favorite videos on all devices with no restrictions and buffering issues.

Plus, you can rest assured your Internet connection is robustly protected from hackers and spies.