SwitchVPN Affiliate Program

SwitchVPN has the highest paying VPN affiliate program available.

What’s more is that we have made it extremely easy for anyone to earn money by simply referring customers to our first class VPN services. Thousands of our customers have relied on us for years and have loved every minute of it because we have provided them with a service other VPN providers can only dream about. SwitchVPN offers up extremely reliable VPNs that are lightning fast and ultra-secure, making us the top VPN provider available on the internet.


Get Started, Sign Up Now

It’s extremely easy to start earning from SwitchVPN. You simply need to sign up and then you have instant access to all signup and visitor tracking from your Affiliate Panel.

Signing up is very simple.

Step 1 : Please Go to Affiliate Portal and Register yourself.

Step 2: After you have Successfully Signed up & and once your application is approved, You will get your unique affiliate link & Panel to Track all statistics in Real time.

Once you have activated yourself as an affiliate, you will then have access to your Affiliate Link, as well as your Affiliate Panel so have real time access to all of your affiliate statistics, like visitors and conversions.


How much commission do SwitchVPN affiliates earn?

  • 1 Month VPN ($11.95) = 100% Commission = $11.95 every sale
  • 12 Month VPN ($79.95) = 35% Commission = $27.98 every sale


Do you offer recurring commission?

No. We choose to offer a higher upfront commission instead of a lower recurring commission. Please contact our affiliate manager for more details.


How do I get paid?

We pay our affiliate commissions through PayPal & Wire Transfer. When you sign up, add your PayPal details to your affiliate account. We pay affiliate commissions on the 15th of every month for the previous month’s commissions. If your commissions for a given month total below $100, they will rollover to the next month, until they reach $100. For commissions above $1,000 monthly, we support payout by direct wire transfer.


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