What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for virtual private network. A virtual private network is a technology that allows secure data transmission between your device and the Internet. VPNs are used to bypass Internet censorship, hide your IP address, and protect your sensitive data from intruders and prying eyes.

How does a VPN work?

When you connect to the Internet without a VPN, your online traffic is routed through unprotected servers of your Internet Service Provider, which means your ISP can see and log all your online activities. In some countries, ISPs are even permitted to sell online activity logs of their customers to the government and other third parties.

A VPN encrypts your online traffic and redirects it through a proprietary network of secure remote servers, making it impossible for anyone to intrude on your privacy. Not only does a VPN prevent your ISP from collecting your online activity logs, but it also protects you from such malicious actors as hackers and snoopers.

Why do you need a VPN service?

Primarily, people subscribe for a VPN account to surf the Internet freely and anonymously from any part of the globe. They also do this to protect their personal data from being read or stolen. However, a VPN service can be used for many more purposes. For example, you can go for a VPN to avoid bandwidth caps and speed throttling. A VPN also allows you to get rid of unwanted ads and save on overpriced deals.

What can you do with a VPN?

Bypass digital censorship

SwitchVPN can easily bypass all censorship restrictions no matter what country you reside in. Our VPN grants you access to all restricted websites, including popular social and streaming services.

Hide your IP address

Turn SwitchVPN on to hide your IP address and online identity. Connect to a high-bandwidth network of 250+ VPN servers scattered across Europe, Asia, and the Americas — 43 server locations in total.

Protect your personal data

SwitchVPN complies with the industry’s best security standards to protect your personal information. We use robust AES-256bit encryption to make sure you enjoy safe Internet access at home or on public WiFi.

Stop ISP throttling

Immerse yourself in a seamless video streaming and gaming experience with no bandwidth caps and speed throttling. With SwitchVPN, no one will ever dictate you how to use your Internet connection speeds.

Avoid monitoring

Personal information like private conversations, browsing habits, and spending history shall always stay confidential. SwitchVPN protects you from government surveillance and ISP monitoring any time you go online.

Stream your favorite video

Stream your favorite shows and movies in high-quality resolution with little to no buffering. We’ve optimized our server infrastructure to provide you the highest speeds with no bandwidth limits, even if you’re in China.

Find fair deals

Some services adjust their pricing based on your current IP address. By enabling SwitchVPN prior to shopping online, you can change your virtual location and avoid getting overcharged.

Get rid of unwanted ads

Prevent marketers from bombarding you with targeted display ads. Use SwitchVPN to hide your online identity and get rid of unwanted banners and pop-ups.

Multiple VPN protocols

SwitchVPN offers support for all major VPN protocols and allows you to switch between them any time you want


Is a new open-source VPN encryption protocol. One of the most flexible and secure VPN protocols currently available.


Is one of the fastest VPN protocols the industry has to offer. Besides being fast, IKEV2 also provides sufficient security.


Is a VPN protocol that was initially designed for Windows Vista. Slower than other protocols, but still decent when it comes to protection.


Is an old VPN protocol that uses IPsec encryption. We strongly recommend that you use more reliable protocols such as OpenVPN or IKEV2.


Is the oldest VPN protocol introduced back in 1995. We strongly recommend that you use more reliable protocols such as OpenVPN or IKEV2.

The VPN for your device and operating system

SwitchVPN runs smoothly across PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, supporting up to 6 devices connected at the same time.

Easy to install & use

SwitchVPN doesn’t require any tech skills. We’ve developed our software to be as simple as possible for anyone to use it.

Compatible with all popular OSs

Our VPN is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems.

Strict No-log policy

We respect your right for privacy and will never collect your activity or Internet connection logs. Nothing to store — nothing to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be tracked if you use a VPN?

A VPN encrypts your online traffic and masks your IP address. While you have a VPN running, nobody can reveal your real location and identity without applying some really sophisticated methods.

Is a VPN illegal?

A VPN is absolutely legal technology. However, a VPN may become illegal if you use it to violate certain laws. Therefore, we urge you to use SwitchVPN as appropriate and in accordance with your country’s laws.