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Why do you need a VPN in Germany?

Take full advantage of connecting to a VPN in Germany. Browse websites and use services that can only be accessed from Deutschland.

Protect all your devices from snoopers and hackers with SwitchVPN. Surf the Internet freely and privately by connecting to our high-speed VPN server in Germany.

SwitchVPN hides your identity and removes all censorship restrictions to let you enjoy favorite content anywhere in the world.

Privacy at its best

In today’s world, the majority of Internet users are monitored by governments, ISPs, prying marketers, or even hackers literally on a daily basis.

As your personal information gets collected and recorded behind the back, you become highly vulnerable to data breach and leakage risks. That’s why it is so important to take necessary measures to safeguard online privacy and protect yourself from all kinds of intruders.

SwitchVPN offers you everything you need to keep your life private and your personal data

Reasons to use SwitchVPN

Total anonymity

Worldwide access to the content available only in Germany

Lightning-fast speed

Military-grade level of protection

All VPN protocols supported

Secure connection to hotel & public Wi-Fi hotspots

Compatibility with the most popular operating systems

No-log policy

How to connect to a VPN in Germany in 3 simple steps


Download and install an app compatible with your operating system


Click on the server list and select our dedicated server in Germany


Connect to the server to get a new identity

It's really simple as it gets!

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